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Posted by Bill on November 3, 2007

Our friend Cynthia Hetherington,, authored a new book entitled Business Background Investigations published by BRB Publications, Inc.,, the nation’s leading publisher of public record information.  Folks, this is probably “the book” to use for brushing up on investigating a business whether you are looking at a merger, executive backgrounds or due diligence.  Business Background Investigations outlines the methods and techniques to use when looking into the background of businesses and the people who run them.  Topics covered are, among others, “Discovering & Dissecting Company Information,” “Investigating Corporate Officers & Employees,” “Assets & Lien Searching,” and “Preparing the Report.”  Jimmie Mesis, Editor-in-Chief of PI Magazine,, said the book is a “must have” for anyone conducting investigations on companies and their officers. 

For all business background investigations, you start with the company’s web site and reviewing it for all relevant information from products to officers and employees.  Next, you must “Google” the company.  Search the blogs, groups and financial sections of Google, Yahoo etc.  For public companies, the SEC Edgar is a great source for annual reports, supplemental filings and ownership.  A good business investigator always searches public records for liens and judgments for a company including the officers.  In addition, you must look for verdicts and any court reported decisions.  All of the above searches can be done for free on the Internet. 

Here is a good tip.  One place you always want to check is the docket index of the U.S. Tax Court, www.ustaxcourt.  Look for the “Docket Inquiry” button and search those names.  You cannot retrieve documents on-line but you can always pull the file and get the filings which should include tax returns and other relevant financial information.

Until  the next time we bring you more “to die for” investigative tips, keep asking questions.



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