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Why a Blog & What is it?

Posted by Bill on November 5, 2007

 So, now the PIAVA Blog is up and running on a semi-steady basis.  I’ve had some questions about “Why a Blog,?” “What do we do with it?” “How does it work?” 

Blogging has been the rage of the Internet for the last few years.  Many businesses, law firms, private investigator businesses, publications and other organizations put up Blogs on the Internet.  A Blog is an informal web page, really.  It is a “newsy” device that can be updated every day or at anytime with information.  The PIAVA Blog is primarily for PIAVA members, but it is open to viewing by anyone who finds the site.  Each written item on the main page is a post.  The posts are arranged chronologically.  The posts are meant to give you news about the investigation industry, investigative techniques, research sites and anything of interest to private investigators.  The neat thing about a Blog is that you can expand it by adding new pages, post information anytime, and readers can post comments.  Just click on the comment link.  Add a comment and let us know what you think about the new PIAVA Blog.

On the left side of the page is the “Blogroll.”  This Blogroll is a group of links to other Blogs or other web sites that are useful to private investigators.  We plan on adding more research links in the future. 

I invite PIAVA members to contact me about writing a post for the Blog.  You can write about your business or an interesting case or a technical aspect of conducting investigations.  Also, in the future, we will post member profiles giving information about the member and their business. 

And now for an investigative tip:  I recently had to gather some background on an alleged charitable organization.  The organization claimed to be tax exempt, called a 501(c)(3) pursuant to Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3),  meaning that your donation to the group is deductable on your tax return.  To be tax exempt an organization has to apply to the IRS for the tax exempt status.  To start research on the group go to, click on “Charities” at the top.  Then on the next page click on “Search for Charities” in the left column.  You search by the organizations name.  You can also search for the group at and  At each site you can get the latest tax return filed by the organization.  The return is public information and you learn a lot about the income, expenses and officers. 

Until the next time, keep on asking questions.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


One Response to “Why a Blog & What is it?”

  1. pbecnel said

    This is a great idea from a great organization. I am looking forward to reading the articles and using it as a means of keeping in touch with and bouncing ideas off of fellow private investigators in Virginia.

    Phil Becnel
    Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC
    Arlington, Virginia

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