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Tech Notes–Master the Internet

Posted by Bill on November 22, 2007

Most private investigators use state of the art technology in their business operations–from fast computers to digital audio and video equipment.  Communications with clients is probably the most important customer service aspects of a business whether it is investigations or selling widgets.  E-mail and the Internet, together, can instantaneously make available to your client written reports, photographs, video and large document files.  You can e-mail your client and attach your report as Word document or PDF file.  PDF is preferred because of document security.  But, what about the 50 MB of digital photographs that are important to your client?  E-mail often limits the size of attachments.  Google limits attachments to 20 MB, but that is generous compared to other e-mail systems.  

There are several Internet sites that allow you to upload large files that can be accessed and downloaded by your client.  If you need to send a client a large file or document as an attachment to e-mail, here are some tools. is a site that allows you upload large files, notifies the client the files are there and allows the client to download the file.  You Send It is really a neat tool.  Other sites are also available— and  Take a look at too.

In other news, Google announced a new search engine a couple of months ago–try it at searchmash flash.  It is different and has a lot of features.  Also, for our good health after TG, check out pdrhealth for health care information, drug and supplement information and other health related issues. The site is run by the same people who publish the Physician Desk Reference.

 Until another day, keep “askin” questions,

 Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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