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Misty Monday’s Miscellaneous Information

Posted by Bill on November 26, 2007

It is a misty Monday in the Northern Virginia area with slight rain drizzling down. 

So, we are posting various points of information from various record sources. 

Bad E-Mail 

One of PIAVA’s members, Ron McKown of Eidolon Group, Merrifield, VA, advised us of reports that a new malware is spreading via e-mail.  The e-mail claims to be from a private investigator saying that a private investigator has been recording the recipients telephone conversations.  An audio file is attached.  Of course, if the recipient opens the audio file the computer is immediately infected.   The subject of such “phony” e-mails may include “I am monitoring you,” “you are being watched,” etc.  Do not open such an e-mail unless you know it is legitimate. 

Neat Sites 

Many private investigators are small to medium sized operations.  A new website focused on the technology needs of such businesses is at bMighty.  There is a lot of tech information there for small businesses.  Take a look.  One note on bmighty the information on how to go to Gethuman to bypass the boring customer and tech support recordings.  The site lists over 500 companies.

PC Magazine, PC Mag, has come out with its “Best and Worst” list for 2007 — Best Worst.  Hey, laptops, desktops, mobile phones–all that stuff, the worst and “worser”.  In an earlier issue, PC Mag gave out the Top 100 Classic Websites — Classic and the Top 100 Undiscovered Websites — Undiscovered.

 Public Records

A good site to check corporate registrations is Registered Agents.  Further a good organized site for finding public record sites is Public Records.

Question for Readers

Many of PIAVA members have excellent private investigation firms.  Would readers of this blog find it convenient we listed the PIAVA member’s company?  Let me know either by e-mail or comment.

Meanwhile, so long for today and keep “askin” questions.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

president at piava dot org


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