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Alleged VA Private Investigator? Virginia Private Investigator Requirements

Posted by Bill on November 30, 2007

A potential lawsuit against an “alleged private investigator” has been pending in the Monongalia, WV, Magistrate Court and other courts for several years.  Numerous news articles have referred to the lawsuits and the hearings conducted in various courts.

According to The West Virginia Record, West Virgina Record, a group of West Virginia residents filed a lawsuit against Jon Gigliotti reported to live in Lyndhurst, VA.  The lawsuits stem from the group hiring Gigliotti years ago to investigate a matter.  You can read details Here and Here.  The group claims that Gigliotti was paid money to conduct an investigation, but he did not do so. 

Hire A Virginia Private Investigator

If you want to hire a Virginia private investigator–whether in McLean, Fairfax, Arlington, Richmond, Sterling Centreville, Alexandria, Arlington, Vienna, Leesburg, Roanoke, Woodbridge, Louisa, or Winchester–you should make sure the individual is registered as a private investigator with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), Private Security Section, DCJS PSS/.  DCJS regulates the private security and private investigation business in Virginia.  In Virginia, a private investigator is registered as such after meeting all the DCJS education, training and background qualifications, see DCJS FAQ PI.  A registered private investigator can do private investigation work but only for a private security business licensed by DCJS, see DCJS Business

The above are the legal requirements for a private investigator to do business in Virginia.  Private investigators and private security businesses are highly regulated by the Commonwealth through DCJS.  There are rigid education and training requirements.  If you hire a Virginia private investigator, make sure they are registered and/or working for a licensed company.  In another post we will discuss how to hire a Virginia private investigator, what to look for and what to expect.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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