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FOIA Funk–Lover’s Sweet Email Whisperings

Posted by Bill on November 30, 2007

This “hot” story almost slipped by my sharp sights except for catching this on the J. Craig Williams’ super Blog May It Please the Court (MIPTC), MIPTC.  Craig’s headline reads Wife’s Sweet Email Whisperings To Lover End Up In Husband’s Hands.”  This story backs up my previous posts and my firm belief that a FOIA request, whether State or Federal, can turn up relevant and material information in almost any investigation.  Here, wife was having an affair with husband’s co-worker.  Wife and co-worker e-mailed each other, on government computers, sensitive and very personal communications.  Well, husband found out about affair and submitted a FOIA request for e-mail between wife and co-worker from the government agency.  The government agency resisted, but the other day, on November 19th, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip J. Shepherd ordered the e-mails written between wife and co-worker be released. 

It is important to note that the e-mails in issue were between wife who was a government employee and co-worker who is also a government employee.  Under Kentucky law, conversational e-mails and non-policy, fact e-mails are not subject to disclosure if the e-mails are between a government employee and a private citizen. 

Ah, FOIA— let’s keep those public records open records so that we all know what the government is doing and how it operates.

Keep “askin” questions.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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