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Sanguine Sunday Shake Down–Geek Tech

Posted by Bill on December 2, 2007

There are some real quirky items to post today.  Jim Calloway is the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program. He publishes the blog Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips, and he is an expert at technology for busy people who operate on the tech edge–like our PIAVA members.  Over at Jim Calloways Blog, Jim’s Blog is the unique “tech toy” gift guide made to put busy attorneys and private investigators on the “tech edge.”  Many of these gifts give you that certain mobility needed for “out of the office” tasks.  Jim teams with Sharon Nelson, Fairfax, VA, tech attorney expert who with her partner, John W. Simek, owns and operates Sensei Enterprises, Inc., a computer forensics and legal technology corporation based in Fairfax, VA, to give a podcast at Digital Edge about the best “Tech Toys for the Holidays.”

Jim and Sharon give a list of some of their favorites items–must haves.  For example, there is the unique charger, 

WildCharge–a wire-free charging device 


 and then there is the USB Missle Launcher at Missle.  You can set this up on your desk, connect the USB wire to your computer and you are ready to launch.

Missle Launcher

There is the Power Monkey Travel Charger for portable devices like your cell phone.  Use this when your device is battery dead and you have no charging outlet.  At  Power Monkey

Power Monkey

There are plenty of other unique mobile and stationary “geek gifts” at Jim and Sharon’s Digital Edge.  Some of these items will make your investigative career leap ahead of the future.

Until we meet again,

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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