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Posted by Bill on December 10, 2007

I am blogging from the FTC Conference Center in Washington, DC.  There are about 90 to 100 people attending.  There are still seats available.  So, if you are in  the area, come on down! I came in late, but here is some of the discussion:

SSN Display & Use as Internal Identifier 

Now a representative from Ernst & Young is explaining how companies or businesses can successfully remove SSNs from business records.  E&Y has a consulting service to assist businesses with this process.  They are emphasizing that companies establish a standard policy and train employees  about how to handle data.  In addition, SSNs should be removed from all documents.  Access to information should be limited to only those “with need to know.”  The major systems that need attention are time keeping, payroll systems, salary data and human resources.

E&Y discussed the ways SSNs are used by businesses to keep their records–employee identifier and database tracking.  Once reports are generated, however, hard copies or data files may spread beyond the original source.  Security must control access to the data containing SSN identifiers.

There is a discussion of what other unique identifiers can be used to identify a person.  Such things as place of birth, additional PIN number, mother’s maiden name etc.  Companies are adopting these measures, but it takes time. 

Lunch Break at 12:30 p.m.

I saw some well known PI people here today.  Jimmie Meesis, PI Magazine, PI Magazine,  Bruce Hulme, NCISS, NCISS, Larry Sabbeth, NCISS, Pat Clawson, famous MI PI and PIAVA member Nicole Bocra.  After lunch, the topic is “SSN Use to LInk Data Externally.”  The panel is Robert Ryan, VP, TransUnion, Stan Szwalbenest, JP Morgan Case Comsumer and Retail Franchise, Roberta Meyer, VP and Associate General Counsel, America Council of Life Insurances, Robert Townsend, National Association of Legal Investigators, Michael Lamb, VP and General Counsel, LexisNexis Risk & Informaion Analytics Group, and Annie Anton, Associate Professor of Software Engineering, NC State University.  Robert Townsend is a private investigator from Orange County, CA.

So long for now,

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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