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Cyber Security Lacking Real ID Act

Posted by Bill on December 11, 2007

The Center For Democracy & Technology (CDT), CDT, posted an interesting article about U.S. Government’s lack of security and privacy standards for protection of sensitive, personal information being gathered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), pursuit to the REAL ID Act passed in 2005—you know the “national” driver’s license.  CDT says that the Act paves the way for “centrally accessible highly sensitive personal information on virtually every American, including copies of birth certificates, Social Security Cards, passports and other personal documents.”  This has potential to create “an extremely valuable central source of identification data” that could be stolen by any ID thief or terrorists and any unscrpulous state or federal employee.     

DHS issue proposed regulations regarding privacy and security of the collected information, DHS, but CDT says that the standards set by DHS are minimumly adequeate and do not provide security necssasary for preventing theft of the data.

Read the whole article here..

This is troublesom considering the public “outing” of sensitive, private, personal information given to the alleged “indicted pretexters” by the federal and state agencies.  See prior post on pretext indictments.

Yeah, I trust DHS to protect our personal and sensitive information, don’t you?

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA



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