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Real ID Act — Your Papers, Please

Posted by Bill on December 13, 2007

papers.jpg  You’ve seen it in the movies–a country ruled by a cruel dictator where everyone has to carry their identity papers with them and produce when the tough police demand them.

Well, Nicole Black of Sui Genris, a NY law Blog, wrote an interesting piece about the Real ID Act which I covered in a prior post.  The Act will require anyone living or working in the U.S. to have a federally approved ID card to open a bank account, travel on an airplane, collect social security benefits or any other government benefits. 

The real problem with the Real ID Act is that the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, requires minimal cyber security for the vast collection of almost all of a person’s private and personal information.  What a boon for ID thieves to have all the personal information in one place where it can harvested with a smile!

Read Niclole’s article on this.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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