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Blackwater Shoots & Kills NY Times Dog in Baghdad

Posted by Bill on December 18, 2007

A dog   Reuters reports that Blackwater security people in Iraq shot and killed the New York Times “pet” dog at the Times compound in Baghdad.  The Times compound staff reported that Blackwater bodyguards shot the dog “dead” last week while a Blackwater K-9 unit dog and handler was sweeping the compound for explosives.  Blackwater was checking the compound because a US diplomat was coming to visit.  See story Reuters Story.

Blackwater officials said the NY Times dog attacked the Blackwater bomb sniffer dog.  The K-9 handler made several unsuccessful attempts to get the NY Times to retreat.  That did not work.  So, the Blackwater K-9 handler “was forced to use his pistol to protect the company’s K-9 and himself.”  The State Department is investigating the incident.  The story went on to say that the State Department contracts with Blackwater for about 1000 armed Blackwater staff to protect American diplomats in Baghdad. 

Blackwater is also being investigated for killing 17 Iraqis in Baghdad last September.  

Bill Lowrance

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4 Responses to “Blackwater Shoots & Kills NY Times Dog in Baghdad”

  1. johnsexton said

    Wouldn’t you think these guys had enough bad press without this? The last thing they need is to be linked to an possible animal abuse story, especially after the recent Micheal Vick conviction. It seems as if they are intent on giving full time employment to State Department investigators.

  2. Bill said

    You are right, John. Blackwater seems to have expanded beyond managerial control, at least in hiring and training protection specialists. I think Blackwater is another example of an upstart company growing too fast, with too much money and, possibly, too much greed.

    Bill Lowrance

  3. Larry A. Peters said

    I disagree with both John and Bill. The new York Times people must have known they were coming to sweep their compound and they had the responsibility of restaining the dog. Was this an actual watch dog or was this a hang around the ole camp site kind of dog trying to find his next meal.

  4. John said

    Unless you’ve been in the position of doing diplomatic security and/or the associated advance work in a high threat area, then you’re in no position to comment. Being a police officer in the US doesn’t quite prep you for what is encountered in the Middle East.

    I don’t particularly care for BW or their style; however, the K-9 handler has a responsibility to protect a trained dog (an investment) vs. a mutt that is “adopted” because it’s looking for a meal. Some US departments consider their K-9s as part of their organization and would act similarly.

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