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VA’s Real, Real Bad ID Plan For DMV

Posted by Bill on December 18, 2007

ID   Okay.  You go to VA DMV to renew your drivers license.  The line is out the door. You wait.  After two hours you get to see a DMV worker.  The DMV worker says,  “Give me your papers– your passport, evidence of your legal presence and proof of Virginia residency.”  Huh?  The DMV worker takes your papers, walks to a computer terminal and starts typing.  The worker pulls up your orginal birth certificate, your Social Security Administration file, your State Department file and other databases to compare your papers to the orginal records. 

Oh, and by the way, this renewal takes at least three hours.  Oh, and a week later you get notice from your credit watcher that someone stole your identity, opening new accounts all over town.   Oh, and you find out that ID thieves hacked the DMV database and stole thousands of files.  See previous post of December 13 on the Real ID Act Your Papers Please

Well, that is a possible outcome of Virginia’s plan to put into force by May 2008 the federal requirements under the Real ID Act.  Renewal of your license will probably take longer, cost more and the ID files will be subject to intrusions.  Read recent Washington Post article Here

Even the Roanoke Times published an editorial today calling Virginia’s plan “A real bad ID plan.”  See Roanoke Times.

In addition, Virginia does not have a way to pay $35 million plus to start up and operate the system.  Many states have opted out of the Real ID Act requirements and Congress is considering delaying or repealing the law. 

Bettr check it out.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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