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NY Appeals Court Overturns Murder Conviction Based on Private Investigator’s New Facts

Posted by Bill on December 22, 2007

jaysalpeter050307_250.jpg  Jay Salpeter

A NY state appeals court on Friday overturned the conviction of a Long Island man imprisoned 17 years for the grisly murders of his parents in 1988. The decision cited the “cumulative effect” of new witnesses and extensive new evidence that have emerged in recent years, pointing to other suspects as the real killers.


A decade after Martin Tankleff went to prison, a private investigator working for the defense, Jay Salpeter, began turning up new evidence. The first breakthrough was finding Glenn Harris, an ex-convict who said he had driven Mr. Creedon and Mr. Kent to and from the Tankleff house that night. Other witnesses followed, including Mr. Creedon’s son, who said his father had admitted to the killings.   Read whole story Here

See background on investigation by Salpeter, former NYPD homicide detective. Here

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