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New Laws In States For 2008

Posted by Bill on December 30, 2007

laws.jpg  Thanks to beSpecific for this one about new laws to take effect in states in 2008.  Some are odd to say the least.  See 2008 State Laws. Also see Stateline’s Summary and  50 State Summary 

If you want to search a specific state’s new laws, use a search engine like Google and start your search like this: “effective january 1, 2008” legislation inurl:”name of state”leg.   Put in name of state you want to search.  Then look at the number of results picking out your state’s references.  It is a long shot but workable.

New laws target text messaging, light bulbs, smoking, civil unions and bus safety.

DENVER – A host of new laws on topics ranging from allowing civil unions in New Hampshire to prohibiting text messaging while driving in Washington state become effective Jan. 1, 2008. The National Conference of State Legislatures found a host of state laws in 31 states ranging from controversial to clever that will become law on New Year’s Day.
New Hampshire and Oregon will have new provisions regarding same sex couples. In Illinois, there will be a new law prohibiting smoking in public places while in California, smoking will not be allowed in a car when a minor is present.

Washington and Oregon will prohibit typing messages while driving.  In Minnesota, bus cushions must meet new depths.  Three states will issue license plates to veterans or family members of military personnel killed in combat. Illinois will allow pets to be included in protection orders.  If you sell American flags in Minnesota, they have to be made in the US.

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