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Animal Law In Virginia–Update

Posted by Bill on January 17, 2008

cat-dog.jpg  dogfight.jpg  cockfight.jpg  The Richmond Times has the latest update on the efforts in the Virginia General Assembly to pass changes in Virginia’s animal law.   The primary change would increase penalties for animal fighting and include cock fighting as a crime.  Under the present law, people caught attending a dog fight or cock fight are not “breaking the law.”  New legislation will change that.  Click Here to read story You can see yesterday’s news conference here also.

  Summary of the legislation:

The legislation also deals with the care of any seized animals and provides law-enforcement officials with more effective tools to fight the problem. In addition to charging spectators: Cockfighting would become a felony. Under current law, it’s illegal only if gambling is involved. All forms of animal fighting would be illegal and considered a felony. Searches regarding animal-cruelty cases could be conducted after sunset without more authorization. Now, a search warrant expires at sundown, and a new one must be obtained before officers can step onto the property in question. Seized animals won’t be held for years without a resolution to the case. Oftentimes, the animals are kept in cages, which add to their detriment. Bond would have to be posted if an owner contests the forfeiture of fighting animals.

Enforcement of Virginia’s animal laws is increasing.  This is a future investigative field for astute private investigators. 

Bill Lowrance

Animal law investigator

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One Response to “Animal Law In Virginia–Update”

  1. What does Virginia Law say about a dog being hit by a vehicle. Is there every a case where the driver has some responsibility? i,e such as maintaining control of his vehicle

    Dan Hogan

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