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More Telephone Pretexting–When Will They Learn

Posted by Bill on January 29, 2008

telephone.jpg  The Federal Trade Commission is at it again.  The FTC announced yesterday that a District Court ordered Accusearch in Wyoming not to pretext phone companies and sell the information.  Folks, people or firms who get telephone customer information by pretexting the phone company are not within the law.  Do not deal with them.  See FTC Press Release HereSee PC World Story Here

See Court Order Here

Later I will post other misdeeds or trials for other wayward private investigators.  If anyone wants to hire private investigators make sure they do the work legally and within the law.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

Information Insights Inc.


One Response to “More Telephone Pretexting–When Will They Learn”

  1. Chris said

    My favorite is to see people post on PI-only mailing lists asking for folks that specialize in email or phone “breaks”. What they really mean is they looking for someone who can pretext to get information or someone who has a person on the inside.

    Very rarely are you going to get someone to “break” (find the true identity behind) a phone/email for < $200 without also breaching ethics or the law.

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