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Another Horse Cruelty Event In Virginia

Posted by Bill on January 31, 2008

horse1.jpg  A Loudoun County judge ruled yesterday that 48 horses had been cruelly treated by individuals at a Middleburg farm, and he signed court orders turning over custody of the horses to the county.  This is another example of the expanding area of animal law, and the need for qualified animal law private investigators.  Most animal cruelty cases are criminal prosecutions, but there are many civil implications that law enforcement or animal control officers will not investigate.  Virginia law provides that owners must give adequate food, water, shelter space, exercise, care, treatment and veterinary.  These issues are highly factual in nature and the facts in every case will be different.  Investigators have to conduct a logical and thorough investigation to uncover the necessary facts to prove all the elements of a crime or civil proceeding.  The Commonwealth Attorney’s office should pursue animal abuse cases, and make sure that proper penalties are considered if a person is convicted.  Too often, charges are compromised, and defendants are not appropriately punished.   See Prior Horse Posts

The Washington Post reported: 

“A Loudoun County judge ruled yesterday that 48 horses seized by county officials last week were “cruelly treated,” and he awarded custody of the thoroughbreds to the county.  General District Court Judge J. Frank Buttery Jr. signed an order giving custody of the horses to Loudoun County Animal Care and Control and ordered their owners to reimburse the county for food and medical costs incurred since the seizure, almost $8,000 so far. Dennis Danley, Donald Cutshaw and Pablo Cosme were named as owners. “Clearly the commonwealth has proved in this case that the animals . . . were cruelly treated,” Buttery said, after reviewing photos of the horses and conditions on the area farm where they were seized.  “Certainly not enough food or even water was provided for them.”

Under Buttery’s order, Danley is prohibited from owning agricultural animals in because of a prior conviction. Cosme and Cutshaw cannot own agricultural animals in the state for two years. Commonwealth’s Attorney Jason Faw said criminal charges are pending.  See Washington Post Story Here

In addition, a prior Post story reported that last year “Dennis B. Danley, 55, a horse trainer from Charles Town, WV, was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty in after authorities, according to news accounts, found 10 mares with exposed rib cages and spines among 60 horses at a farm south of Charles Town.  Danley pleaded no contest to one count of animal cruelty in August.  He was fined, received a 90-day suspended jail sentence and a year of probation, and agreed to give up ownership of horses for five years, said his attorney in the case, Harley O. Wagner.  Under the deal, Danley was allowed to continue training horses, Wagner said.”  See Story Here

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President PIAVA

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3 Responses to “Another Horse Cruelty Event In Virginia”

  1. Hidden Valley said

    They should Give this man 3 years for every count. He was stabled next to me when Shenandoah Downs was open for training at Charles Town Races and he abandoned 3 horses in the late 90/
    I know because I took care of his abandoned horses.
    Why this man avoided prosecution is beyond me. He should be striped of his trainers/owners license in all states. He is a disgrace to the racing industry.

  2. nicola said

    This cruel hartless man should give them up for the rest of his life and should be banned from keeping animals!

  3. Izzie said

    he should be thrown in jail for ever. i hate him. HORSES DESERVE MORE THAN THIS!

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