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State Agency Databases All 50 States

Posted by Bill on February 4, 2008

internt.jpg  This is convenient site to check for all the various State’s databases.  The site is put together by the American Library Association ALA (A great resource)  The site says:

“In every US State and the District of Columbia, agencies are creating databases of useful information – information on businesses, licensed professionals, plots of land, even dates of fish stocking. Some of this content is available on search engines, but much of it is part of the invisible web.

In any event, no resource we’re aware of has tried to pull together all publicly accessible state agency databases until now. Eventually each state page below will have a page listing state government databases by agency. If this project gets a wily programmer, we can talk subject access or even federated search. Click on a state name from the list to find a list of databases by agency. This is a wiki, so if you don’t see something on a list that should be, feel free to add it as long as the resource is meant to be available to the public and is produced by a government entity in the listed state.”

Check it out.  ALA State Agency Databases

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

Information Insights Inc.


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