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Need To Record Telephone Calls?

Posted by Bill on March 10, 2008

listening-recording-device.jpg  Some people need to record telephone calls.  Private investigators, news reporters, attorneys, law enforcement and insurance companies are just a few of the type of people who may record telephone calls.  Of course, there are laws against recording calls when you do not have permission of the parties.  In some states, one person must consent to recording a call. In other states, all parties must consent to a recording.  The laws vary from federal jurisdiction to different state jurisdictions.  You can check all state and federal laws on recording phone calls Click Here.

So, how do you record telephone calls?  There are different methods for recording depending on whether you are wireless,VOIP, land-line or using some other system.  Check out this article for details:


Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


One Response to “Need To Record Telephone Calls?”

  1. Larry A. Peters said

    There is an indication that a recording taken from Maryland to the District of Columbia could fall under Maryland Law, where there is two party consent. The reason Linda Tripp was vindicated was the conversation was across state lines and Maryland law did not apply otherwise they would have convincted her. Am I wrong in this assumption, because the news media left the story as soon as they got their pound of flesh.

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