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Private Investigator Still Missing In Iran–Bob Levinson Find Him

Posted by Bill on March 13, 2008

levinson_primary.jpg  kishmap_1.jpg  Bob Levinson lived in Florida and worked as a private investigator.  On March 9, 2007, he disappeared.  Bob was working on a cases that took him to the Iranian resort island of Kish.  On March 9th, Bob checked out of his hotel, and his wife and children have not heard from him since.

Bob retired from a career as a Special Agent with the FBI in 1998.  He ran a small private investigation firm, and he often had cases involving international work.  That is why Bob was in Iran.  He was investigating a case and following leads that took him there.  The US State Department and the FBI made official inquiries to the government of Iran, but the Iranian government says they do not know anything about Bob’s disappearance.  The State Department and the FBI continue on with their investigation, but they have developed no information about Bob’s disappearance or whereabouts. 

Christine Levinson, Bob’s spouse, and the oldest of their seven children travelled to Iran a few months ago looking for Bob.  They met with government officials, passed out fliers and talked with anyone who came into contact with Bob.  All was to no avail, however, Bob is still missing. 

If anyone has information about Bob Levinson, please call the nearest FBI office.

Details about Bob and the disappearance are on a web page Click Here

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Bill Lowrance

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One Response to “Private Investigator Still Missing In Iran–Bob Levinson Find Him”

  1. cyrus said

    I am a Persian American and willing to travel to kish in order to find leads for the missing Bob’s case.

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