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Targeted Search Engine–iSEEK

Posted by Bill on March 25, 2008

website.jpg  This is a new search engine that has interesting possibilities iSEEK.

You can search terms, phrases or ask questions and results come in. On the left side of the screen there are links targeted information about your search.  Check this out and add to your list of search engines.

iSEEK says on its site:
“iSEEK analyzes your search results each time you do a query, identifying themes, topics, and more and organizing your results for you. Rather than wading through a mini-web of thousands of results, one by one, in some indiscernible order, you are guided to a specific set of relevant results with

Discover New and Useful Information with Intelligent

iSEEK brings results to life, letting them tell you what they are about. Analyzing every set of results on-the-fly, draw out topics, people, places, dates, and more from your results. You discover new facts and connections before even clicking a link.

Make Searching Simpler with Natural Language Queries.

In iSEEK, you can use natural language to do your searches. Instead of relying on keyword pattern matching and algorithms, iSEEK knows the meaning and concepts embedded in the questions you ask, so it understandswhat you are asking and retrieves relevant information. No more strategically selecting keywords then adding to them, revising them, and requerying them to get the results you want – simply ask questions and get answers.

With iSEEK Searchblades, you can cut through the riffraff when you are seeking high-quality, focused results. iSEEK’s expanding selection of Searchblades enables you to search within a professional field or domain of knowledge to find information that is reputable and authoritative in that area of expertise. More than mere collections of hand-picked sites, identify and search through relevant, trustworthy sources to bring you results that matter.”

Bill Lowrance
President PIAVA


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