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Surreptitious Sampling–Your DNA

Posted by Bill on April 4, 2008

dna.jpg  Ever had the feeling someone is following you?  It could be law enforcement agents or private investigators wanting to collect your DNA.  The police are “surreptitiously sampling” DNA from targeted suspects.  They will place the individual under surveillance waiting until the person throws away a DNA sample.  The sample could come from a discarded coffee cup, soda can, cigarette or Kleenex.  The police will collect the sample and extract the DNA comparing it to an unsolved case in which the individual may be a suspect.

“Police can take a DNA sample from anyone, anytime, for any reason without raising oversight by any court,” said Elizabeth E. Joh, a law professor at University of California, Davis, who studies the intersection of genetics and privacy law. “I don’t think a lot of people understand that.”

Read the entire NY Times Story here.


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  1. […] did not have a court order so they used the process of “surreptitious sampling” as they watched him smoke a cigarette and then throw it away and then take a sample of his […]

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