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Need Those Cell Phone Text Messages

Posted by Bill on May 15, 2008

  Today’s “Tech Tips for Investigators” comes from PIAVA member Ed Leary.  Ed has an investigative firm in Fairfax, VA,  In a case recently, he needed to access data on his client’s cell phone.  How did he do it?  See his tip below.

In a couple of recent cases, I have found myself needing to acquire data from a client’s cell phone. I found data recovery is feasible from some but not all phones and to different degrees depending on a number of factors.

The acquisition or recovery of data, e.g. text messages stored on a cell phone, can in some instances prove to be of evidentiary value in an investigation. One of the tools which can be used for that purpose is computer forensic software.

The feasibility of data acquisition and recovery is impacted by a number of factors, including the design, construction, programming, and condition of the device on which data may be stored; the tool(s) used to acquire the data; and the skill of the forensic examiner. The degree to which data may be acquired/recovered varies by device.

The CParaben Corporation website contains a listing of devices which may be susceptible to data acquisition/recovery using forensic software designed for that purpose. Bottom Line: For an explanation of the capabilities of data acquisition/recovery software and, importantly, a listing of various cell phone devices with which it may be compatible,

visit: Paraben-Forensics.

Thanks Ed for the great information.  You can contact Ed through his web site at or 703-946-6791, 866-570-0641.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

Information Insights Inc., McLean, VA



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