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Pellicano Conviction–Future of Private Investigators

Posted by Bill on May 26, 2008

  Newsweek has a story about the recent conviction of California private investigator Anthony Pellicano.  Pellicano was convicted in federal court recently on racketeering and wire tap charges. Click Here for LA Times Story 

What is the future of the private investigation industry? How will the Pellicano conviction place restrictions on private investigators? Click Here Newsweek Story

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


One Response to “Pellicano Conviction–Future of Private Investigators”

  1. Larry A. Peters said

    There is no sympathy for those in our Industry who are arrogant and over bearing. They do not follow protocol, they follow their own deals without ramifcations of the consequences. This is why training must continue and these tpes oc cowboys are brought to light so those coming behind us will understand, you have to do it right, not be stupid regardless of how much money is in the offering, or what notoriety comes to you.

    Larry A. Peters
    Winchester, Va.

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