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GPS–New Surveillance Technique For Police

Posted by Bill on August 13, 2008

In a recent post we pointed out the Arlington County, VA, judge who ruled that the police using a GPS unit to track a person did not need to apply for a search warrant.  The police can just attach a GPS unit on a car and sit back to track a person’s movements in the automobile.

Today’s Washington Post has an excellent article on law enforcement’s use of GPS to track suspects.  Interestingly, the jurisdictions in the DC metro area use GPS units often.  Hey, it beats having to plan and carry out a physical, moving surveillance.  Think about it, though, do we want law enforcement to put a GPS unit on our automobile and track our movements?  Is there any protocol for police to follow before using the GPS?  Will the use of GPS devices be abused by law enforcement? 

Read this Post article: Click Here

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


3 Responses to “GPS–New Surveillance Technique For Police”

  1. LARRY A. PETERS said

    It is gratifying to find a judge who is responsible and un afraid of a challenge. We in the Industry should pay more attention to her rulings. At some point in time there will be a challenge on the use of gps but there are a lot of people involved in all stations of life using gps, which can make a difference on the rulings in the future on the domestic side.

  2. Nice post. I just glanced through it. Maybe I can really read it later

  3. Larry A. Peters said

    Remember Dave Stark, the P.I. in Colorado who was arrested for putting a GPS under a car in a Public Parkiing lot. He is fighting his charges. Trial in December. They wanted him to pleade guilty to littering and he refused. He will have to pay out $10,000.00 in legal fees to get out of the mess when there is no licensing for P>I> in Coloraga and no law against installing a GPS on a vehicle. I will know more after December.

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