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FBI Warns Holiday Cyber Scammers

Posted by Bill on December 2, 2008

FBI alert

The FBI is reminding people this holiday season that cyber criminals continue to aggressively seek ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers are using several techniques to fool potential victims including sending unsolicited e-mails that contain attachments such as electronic greeting cards containing malware (malicious software), setting up spoofing websites that look like legitimate commercial sites, and unleashing phishing and vishing attacks where individuals receive e-mails asking for personal data.

“These cyber scammers will do whatever they can to steal your money and personal information this holiday season and are trying many different ways to commit these crimes. The best way to protect yourself is to report these scams to law enforcement or the Internet Crime Complaint Center, IC3,” said Shawn Henry, Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division, Washington, D.C.  Read Story Here

Bill Lowrance

Attorney at Law


One Response to “FBI Warns Holiday Cyber Scammers”

  1. Larry A. Peters said

    I have a stolen identity case. A woman who was successful, has a degree and is now sleeping in her car, had her social security number stolen and the other woman has a lengthy criminal history. Everytime this woman goes for a job she is refused because they run a criminal background on her and the other woman’s name comes up. I understand this false information could be on the NCIC. Appreciate it if someone could tell me who to contact in the Manassas, Va area about this situation.

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