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Public Court Records–Free

Posted by Bill on February 13, 2009

The New York Times has interesting story today about PACER the government run federal courts database. See Pacer Here  NYT Story

PACER is the US government site for federal court records.  Pending case information is available along with old, closed case information.  You need an account with them so that you can search the database.  Also, you have to pay 8 cents per page for downloading.  Almost all federal courts are on the system, and you can search by name, case number and in all or individual courts.

According to the NYT story Public Resource is taking the case information from the PACER system and making the information publicly available without charge.  It is a good site to check out if you are doing public record research.

Bill Lowrance

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One Response to “Public Court Records–Free”

  1. scientias said

    Thank you for providing such information we like your postings. But is it safe to provide this information for public. May be they miss use the system.

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