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Finding An Investigator

Posted by Bill on September 21, 2009

Well, it has been a while since any good investigative resources were posted, but I will be back in the future.  No longer associated with PIAVA–Private Investigators Association of Virginia.  Good content will continue, however, for all those interested in investigations and investigative resources.  In fact, in you have a question about investigations or need investigative resources, call me for a consultation. 

I continue to operate a private investigation business at Information Insights and I also opened a solo law practice–see Lowrance Law LLC.  I have many years of investigative and legal experience.  My legal practice includes family law matter–divorce, custody and support and most important enforcement of post divorce custody, support, visitation and other matters.  Contact me if I can assist you in legal or investigative matters.  Contact information is in upper left corner.

When hiring a private investigator always check the Department of Criminal Justice’s website to determine if the individual or business is properly licensed.  See VA DCJS

Also, check on the experience and dedication of anyone you employ as an investigator.  Fees for private investigators may range from $55 per hour to $150 per hour–sometimes even more depending on the type and complexity of the matter.  Remember the lowest charge does not always mean the best service–experience, education and professionalism count.

Bill Lowrance


One Response to “Finding An Investigator”

  1. When you want to hire a private investigator is very important to search carefully, the investigators must be licensed, professional and well experienced.

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