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FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide

Posted by Bill on October 29, 2009

FBI Seal Interesting article in NYT about release of the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, see NYT Article, See the Guide, or the DIOG, here  DIOG Part 1-4, DIOG Part 5-9, DIOG Part 10-11.11.9, DIOG Part 11.12-17, Appendices

The FBI says:  The DIOG establishes the FBI’s internal rules and procedures to implement the Attorney General’s Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations (AGG-Dom).  The DIOG and the AGG-Dom were promulgated in late 2008 to ensure that the FBI is equipped with all lawful and appropriate tools so that it can transform itself into an intelligence-driven organization that assesses and investigates criminal and national security threats to our nation and its people. Both documents have been released to the public as part of an ongoing effort to assure the American people that FBI employees will carry out their mission according to an established set of rules and with full respect for the constitutional and statutory rights of the people.

 These rules, which will be audited and enforced through a rigorous compliance mechanism, are designed to ensure that FBI assessments and investigations are subject to responsible review and approval and do not target anyone or any group on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or the exercise of any other right guaranteed by the Constitution.  

The DIOG is a living operational guide and its release to the public is intended to provide as much transparency as possible. It will be reviewed and changed periodically, as law and policy change and as circumstances dictate. Because it does govern FBI operations and investigations, not all of its contents can be released as they provide too much of a road map to those who pose a threat to the nation. The FBI will, from time to time, reassess whether additional information can safely be released.

All very interesting. Now you can investigate and get tips on investigations techniques.

Bill Lowrance, McLean, VA


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FBI Kidnappings & Missing Persons Site

Posted by Bill on December 16, 2008


Ron McKown sent this interesting link to the FBI Kidnapping & Missing Persons site.  Check it out here Kidnappings.

Bill Lowrance

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FBI Warns Holiday Cyber Scammers

Posted by Bill on December 2, 2008

FBI alert

The FBI is reminding people this holiday season that cyber criminals continue to aggressively seek ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers are using several techniques to fool potential victims including sending unsolicited e-mails that contain attachments such as electronic greeting cards containing malware (malicious software), setting up spoofing websites that look like legitimate commercial sites, and unleashing phishing and vishing attacks where individuals receive e-mails asking for personal data.

“These cyber scammers will do whatever they can to steal your money and personal information this holiday season and are trying many different ways to commit these crimes. The best way to protect yourself is to report these scams to law enforcement or the Internet Crime Complaint Center, IC3,” said Shawn Henry, Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division, Washington, D.C.  Read Story Here

Bill Lowrance

Attorney at Law

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Fraud Criminals 1 FBI Fraud Investigators 0

Posted by Bill on October 21, 2008

NY Times reports that the FBI, our good friends, does not have the resources to investigate “criminal wrongdoings tied to the country’s economic crisis.”  Click Here Times Article

Notes from the article:

The bureau slashed its criminal investigative work force to expand its national security role after the Sept. 11 attacks, shifting more than 1,800 agents, or nearly one-third of all agents in criminal programs, to terrorism and intelligence duties. Current and former officials say the cutbacks have left the bureau seriously exposed in investigating areas like white-collar crime, which has taken on urgent importance in recent weeks because of the nation’s economic woes.

So depleted are the ranks of the F.B.I.’s white-collar investigators that executives in the private sector say they have had difficulty attracting the bureau’s attention in cases involving possible frauds of millions of dollars.

Since 2004, F.B.I. officials have warned that mortgage fraud posed a looming threat, and the bureau has repeatedly asked the Bush administration for more money to replenish the ranks of agents handling nonterrorism investigations, according to records and interviews. But each year, the requests have been denied, with no new agents approved for financial crimes, as policy makers focused on counterterrorism.

Bill Lowrance
Attorney & Private Investigator

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More Phishing Scams–Child Support

Posted by Bill on June 16, 2008

News from the FBI about new phishing scam:

 The FBI and its partner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), have received reports of phishing attacks targeting users of EPPICards. The EPPICard is similar to a debit card. EPPICards are issued by a state agency for the purpose of receiving child-support payments. The cards are currently used in 15 states.

Individuals have reported receiving e-mail or text messages indicating a problem with their account. They are directed to follow the link provided in the message to update their account or correct the problem. The link actually directs the individuals to a fraudulent web site where their personal information, such as account number and PIN, is compromised.

Individuals have also reported receiving an e-mail message asking them to complete an online survey. At the end of the survey, they are asked for their EPPICard account information to allow funds to be credited to the account in appreciation for completing the survey. Providing this information will allow criminals to compromise the account.

Click Here For Whole Story

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

Information Insights Inc.


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Private Investigator Still Missing In Iran–Bob Levinson Find Him

Posted by Bill on March 13, 2008

levinson_primary.jpg  kishmap_1.jpg  Bob Levinson lived in Florida and worked as a private investigator.  On March 9, 2007, he disappeared.  Bob was working on a cases that took him to the Iranian resort island of Kish.  On March 9th, Bob checked out of his hotel, and his wife and children have not heard from him since.

Bob retired from a career as a Special Agent with the FBI in 1998.  He ran a small private investigation firm, and he often had cases involving international work.  That is why Bob was in Iran.  He was investigating a case and following leads that took him there.  The US State Department and the FBI made official inquiries to the government of Iran, but the Iranian government says they do not know anything about Bob’s disappearance.  The State Department and the FBI continue on with their investigation, but they have developed no information about Bob’s disappearance or whereabouts. 

Christine Levinson, Bob’s spouse, and the oldest of their seven children travelled to Iran a few months ago looking for Bob.  They met with government officials, passed out fliers and talked with anyone who came into contact with Bob.  All was to no avail, however, Bob is still missing. 

If anyone has information about Bob Levinson, please call the nearest FBI office.

Details about Bob and the disappearance are on a web page Click Here

Latest news articles Click Here and Click Here

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Hey, DB Cooper The FBI Still Wants You! Give It Up

Posted by Bill on January 1, 2008

cooper112406b.jpg  Our good friends at the FBI do not give up!  Yesterday, they announced a renewed effort to grab the most wanted airplane hijacker in the world–DB Cooper.  Seattle Special Agent Larry Carr is the case agent looking for DB Cooper.  Cooper hijacked a Northwest airplane out of Seattle in 1971.  He handed a note to the flight attendant saying he had a bomb, he wanted four parachutes and $200K.  He got his demands and released some passengers.  He ordered the plane to take off and fly to Mexico.  During the flight, he put on a parachuted and jumped.  He was never seen again.  Read the FBI announcement FBI Announcement  and read the whole story at FBI Article

In the announcement the FBI says:  “Would we still like to get our man? Absolutely. And we have reignited the case—thanks to a Seattle case agent named Larry Carr and new technologies like DNA testing.

You can help. We’re providing here, for the first time, a series of pictures and information on the case. Please look it all over carefully to see if it triggers a memory or if you can provide any useful information.”

Hey, good work Larry.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Talk About Pretexting? DOJ/FTC Investigate This!

Posted by Bill on December 19, 2007

spy   CIA     “They’re leaving “the Company” to snoop on your company.  How CIA agents are pushing corporate espionage to ominous new extremes.”  This is the opening sentence of an article in Conde Nast There is a slick story about Wal-Mart’s internal security department headed by a former senior security officer of the CIA and staffed by former agents from the CIA, FBI and other government agencies. 

The article says that several hundred former intelligence agents now work in corporate espionage, including some who left the CIA after 9/11.  They joined private investigation firms.  Further, the article says they engage in “cruder tactics already practiced by private investigators–pretexting.  “While private investigators have long posed as freelance reporters or job recruiters to get people to talk, former agents have elevated pretexting to an art” the article says.  They also use “high tech” GPS.  Some questionable investigative techniques used by these guys, according to the article, is “data haunts,” extreme electronic monitoring such as tracking cell phones and installing keystroke software.  The article said, “An ex-CIA agent described a group of his former colleagues who set up shop offshore so that they could tap into telephone calls–a practice prohibited by federal law–outside U.S. jurisdiction.”  “They call themselves the bad boys in the Bahamas,” he said.  One long time investigator is quoted in the article as saying, “that he recently lost business to some ex-CIA officers who promised a potential client that they could obtain the phone and bank records of a target.” 

You need to read the story to get the full jest of the tactics and techniques employed in this investigative world.  One company, using unusual techniques, is in federal court in Washington, DC, defending itself against KPMG and IPOC International Growth Fund Limited.  Our friend, Michael Thomas, of the Daily Caveat, covered these stories in more detail, see Here and Here

Oh well, it just gets curiouser and curiouser.  

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Digital Crime Fighting

Posted by Bill on December 17, 2007

Wanted Poster     In the old days, wanted posters dotted the police and Post Office bulletin boards.  Recently, I went through old papers and found this really old FBI wanted poster (yeah, I was a Special Agent with the FBI in the past)–Compare the wanted poster with the below digital wanted billboards.

Thanks to J. Craig Williams, Orange County, CA, attorney, MIPTC, for this note about new “wanted posters.”  Police in Mobile, AL, put a bank robbery surveillance photo on digital billboards around the city.  They caught the guy.  CNN Digital Billboards.

Also, for digi edge investigators check out CNN’s CNN Digital World.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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FTC SSN Workshop Now Available Webcast–Watch It!

Posted by Bill on December 11, 2007

You can see and listen to the entire SSN Workshop discussions via webcast FTC Webcast here.

I was not able to attend today’s session, but it was reported to me that some speakers were very outspoken against the private investigation industry.  Perhaps, these people never needed the assistance of an attorney or private investigator, but they may change their outlook when and if a situation arises and they need help.  For example, if a person is indicted or charged with a crime, they need an attorney to help them defend themselves, unless, of course, they are in their own right a super lawyer.  Facts are needed in defending a criminal case.  The prosecutor has the facts and has a legion of FBI or IRS agents, along with a grand jury, to gather more facts.  What does the defense attorney have to assist the client?  Sometimes it is a hired “private investigator.”  I have worked on criminal defense cases, and the gathering of facts is the primary objective of many cases.  Sometimes, as a private investigator, you find the one witness who will testify for the defendant and, possibly, contribute to a “not guilty” verdict.  To deny private investigators and/or attorneys access to information to prepare a criminal defense case is certainly open to an immediate constitutional challenge.  I believe it has somehthing to do with “due process” and “right to fair trials” etc.  Of course, these mere constitutional values may be overlooked in denying defense investigators and defense attorneys the right to access needed identifying information to find witnesses or challenge prosecution witnesses.

But, I digress.  I did not intend to write a summary of today’s FTC workshop.  I will do that tomorrow after watching the webcast.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Hip (meaning “cool,” “contemporary”) New Additions to Blog

Posted by Bill on November 14, 2007

If you look to the left side, you will see our “blog roll” and our “links.”  I’ve separated blog links from regular links, and I added several new links.  New links are for the Washington Post, Washington Post, the Federal Court Pacer System, Pacer, Maryland Land Records, MD Land, Richmond Sunlight, Richmond Sunlight, everything you want to know about the VA General Assembly, Society of Former FBI Agents, SOCXFBI, Pagebull Search Engine, Page Bull, and the US Department of Justice’s FOIA guide, US DOJ FOIA, offering everthing you want to know about the FOIA from DOJ’s perspective.  Also, check the FOIA Blog at The FOIA Blog.

A new page has been added—PI Jobs.  Here we have posted two listings of companies seeking registered Private Investigators for surveillance and other work in DC, MD & VA.  Check it out.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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