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Competitive Intelligence Update July 2012

Posted by Bill on August 26, 2012

One of the most popular sites for many investigators, attorneys and researchers is Sabrina I. Pacifici’s fantastic Competitive Intelligence site. See Competitive Intelligence Update July 2012

Sabrina I. Pacifici is Founder, Editor, Publisher of LLRX.Com; (established in 1996), the free web journal consistently recognized as a publisher of comprehensive, meticulously documented, non-partisan guides and content-rich resources, commentary and actionable information on Internet research and web-related current awareness issues invaluable to legal, academic, corporate, government and public interest researchers. LLRX  is a great site to keep up with all the latest in legal and technology resources.

Good reading and keep investigating.

Bill Lowrance
Lowrance Law LLC
Attorney, Investigator and Legal Consultant


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Finding An Investigator

Posted by Bill on September 21, 2009

Well, it has been a while since any good investigative resources were posted, but I will be back in the future.  No longer associated with PIAVA–Private Investigators Association of Virginia.  Good content will continue, however, for all those interested in investigations and investigative resources.  In fact, in you have a question about investigations or need investigative resources, call me for a consultation. 

I continue to operate a private investigation business at Information Insights and I also opened a solo law practice–see Lowrance Law LLC.  I have many years of investigative and legal experience.  My legal practice includes family law matter–divorce, custody and support and most important enforcement of post divorce custody, support, visitation and other matters.  Contact me if I can assist you in legal or investigative matters.  Contact information is in upper left corner.

When hiring a private investigator always check the Department of Criminal Justice’s website to determine if the individual or business is properly licensed.  See VA DCJS

Also, check on the experience and dedication of anyone you employ as an investigator.  Fees for private investigators may range from $55 per hour to $150 per hour–sometimes even more depending on the type and complexity of the matter.  Remember the lowest charge does not always mean the best service–experience, education and professionalism count.

Bill Lowrance

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VA Law Firm Named To Top Ten List Of Names

Posted by Bill on October 30, 2008

 A Virginia law firm was named on the “Ten Law Firms Names That Make You Scratch Your Head” according to very popular The Greatest American Lawyer Blog, See GALB.  The GALB posted the names for readers to vote on the top name.

The Virginia law firm making the list is Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen of Richmond, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen–a great firm BTW.

Other names are:

  1. Payne & Fears
  2. Low, Ball & Lynch
  3. Weiner & Cox
  4. Smart & Biggar
  5. Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf
  6. Ball & Weed
  7. Boring & Leach
  8. Bickers & Bickers
  9. Slaughter & Slaughter
  10. Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen  

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Want Your Attorney To Fight For You

Posted by Bill on April 12, 2008

  When and if any of us get to a situation in which we need a lawyer, how do you choose one?  Of course, you want an attorney that will represent your interests and fight for you.  In Oregon there are at least two attorneys who will fight for their clients.  You can read the whole story here: Oregon Live Story 

The first few lines of the story are:

“There are plenty of fights between attorneys in the Multnomah County courthouse every day, but rarely do they include actual blows.

That’s why jaws dropped last week when two attorneys duked it out in a first-floor hallway in front of a crowd of spectators, including a few county sheriff’s deputies and Portland traffic cops.

Attorneys David Lawrence and Aaron Matusick had been in landlord-tenant court Thursday for a hearing and began shouting at each other when they left the courtroom, according to witnesses and officials who investigated the fight.”

Hey, that’s my lawyer!

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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Private Investigators Indicted for Pretext Fraud–Lawyers Probed in Pretext Theft

Posted by Bill on December 7, 2007

Ten private investigators were indicted on December 5, 2007,in Seattle, WA, by the U.S. Attorney’s office.  The ten are:

Emilio A. Torrella, Brandy Torrella, both from Belfair, WA. BNT Investigations, Steven W. Berwik, Belfair, WA, BNT Investigations, Victoria J. Tade, C.I. Inc., San Diego, CA,  Megan M. Ososke, P.I. & Information Services, Beaverton, OR, Robert Grieve and Ziad N. Sakhleh, Robert Grieve International, Houston, TX,  Patrick A. Bombino and Esaun G. Pinto , AAA Allstate Investigations, Brooklyn, NY, and Darci P. Templeton, Houston, TX.  They were charged with Conspiracy to Defraud, Wire Fraud, Fraudulent Elicitation of Social Security Administration Information, Solicitation of Federal Tax Information, and Aggravated Identity Theft–see the Pretext Indictment Dec. 2007.

The ABA Journal Law News reports that the investigation may involve lawyers across the country as many businesses and lawyers hired BNT Investigations to obtain confidential information by pretext.  BNT Investigations obtain confidential information for as many as 12,000 individuals involved in bankruptcies, law suits, divorces and collection efforts.  BNT services were utilized by attorneys, insurance companies and collection companies to investigate the backgrounds of opposing parties and witnesses, and to uncover assets or income for satisfaction of debts, according to the indictment. See Aba Journal. See other stories Seattle Times

The alleged defendants collected information via pretext from the I.R.S., Social Security Administration, various State Unemployment Insurance Departments, private financial institutions, banks, pharmacies and hospitals.  The alleged defendants fraudulently posed as the individuals about who information was sought. 

Particularly disturbing to me is the pretexting of the I.R.S., Social Security Administration and medical facilities.  Clearly obtaining confidential information from the entities is protected by specific laws.  I advise that readers look over the indictment carefully.  Professional investigators do not violate the law to obtain information, and that should be clearly explained to every potential client.  The alleged defendants, the indictment reads, collected federal tax return information (clearly confidential), Federal employment tax records, bank account information, employment earnings from Social Security, prescription and medical information.

If attorneys or other professional investigators used such pretexting methods to collect such information for their cases, there may be serious criminal, professional and ethical implications.  Gathering such information is not worth your license to practice your profession whether you are a professional investigator or an attorney in private practice.

Keep your professions legal and honorable.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Blogs–Urban Legend–Change Venue Says Attorney

Posted by Bill on December 4, 2007

An article at Law.Com, Law.Com, refers to a Tennessee defense attorney, Philip Lomonaco, Knoxville, TN, asking for a change of venue in a federal criminal case.  Lomonaco says that the Internet is the “largest unregulated source for information” in the community.  In his case, he says it has been used to outrage and taint the jury pool. 

Stephen Saltzburg, Chair, American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section, said this is first time he has heard about blogs cited for a change of venue.  Lomonaco considers that the blogs related to his case are distorting facts and raising false allegations.

Getting facts for a change of venue are something that private investigators can do to assist in defense of cases, whether civil or criminal.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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Phony Professionals

Posted by Bill on November 21, 2007

Yesterday I wrote about the fallacy of the “national criminal background check.”  Today, I am reminded of the importance of an investigation speciality–the background investigation.  Two recent news items caught my attention, and I knew I had a topic for today’s “nooziness” (meaning news worthy–new word with help of Cobert– Colbert) post.  Two articles appeared today in the news media about two individuals who were charged with impersonating a lawyer and unlicensed practice of law.  In other words, these individual held themselves out to be licensed attorneys, gained the confidence of “clients,” received money and all the time neither was licensed to practice law in their jurisdiction.  Some of the supposedly clients were fairly sophisticated business people, but they did not check their “lawyers” background to determine if he was licensed to practice law in that jurisdiction. 

Of course, those stories reminded me of the importance of background investigations when you hire someone whether it is a professional like a doctor or lawyer or the person that knocks on your door wanting to trim your trees or cut your lawn or remodel your house.  Before you give your money to people for a job or investment, you should check their credentials.  In today’s Internet world there are on-line sources to do a quick license verification on an individual. 

Most people can conduct this type of background investigation on their own adding to it a Google search, Google, Better Business Bureau check, BBB, or local jurisdiction consumer complaint agency, Fairfax County plus much more.  For example, the “clients” of the alleged attorneys could easily check to determine if the attorney is licensed by going to the State Bar Association web site and searching the name in the licensed attorney list.  If an attorney is practicing in a jurisdiction, they must belong to the State Bar Association.  The American Bar Association has a complete list of the state bar associations– see State Bar Associations.  From there you can click on the state bar association and see if a person is licensed in that state.  To check on a doctor, you can go to Doc Finder or the American Medical Association’s Doctor Finder site– AMA.

There is so much more the conducting proper background investigations that I could write a book for “dummies.”  But, if you have an important transaction, business or personal, and you need a thorough background investigation, you should consider hiring a private investigator.  Of course, check on the private investigator’s license in you jurisdiction first. 

In future posts  I will reveal more background investigation techniques and resources. 

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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