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Want To Know More About MySpace & Other Social Sites?

Posted by Bill on December 27, 2007

social.jpg  If you are doing investigations, you have to include internet research in doing the job.  So, social networking sites are a must search. Here is a good article by Cliff Landis, a reference librarian at Valdosta State University, listing social networking sites and places to learn about social networking: Article Social Networking

The article lists all the sites and other sites to learn more about the social sites.  Our good friends at PI Buzz, just posted a note on the importance of using the Internet for due diligence, background, employment and skip tracing investigations, as well as, reputation research and even surveillance for legal and insurance matters.

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA


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Hey! Facebook Wants You!

Posted by Bill on November 30, 2007

The Washington Post carried an article today about Facebook’s use of an advertising Beacon to spread the buying habits of Facebook members around to their friends and contacts.  Quote from article: “Sean Lane’s purchase was supposed to be a surprise for his wife. Then it appeared as a news headline — “Sean Lane bought 14k White Gold 1/5 ct Diamond Eternity Flower Ring from” — last week on the social networking Web site Facebook.

See Washington Post Article.

Social sites like Facebook, MySpace and others are an entertaining feature of the Internet, but watch out!  Many people put a lot of personal information on these sites.  Above is an example of what can happen to your private, personal information if you are not very careful.  One of many investigative techniques is searching the social sites for personal information required for a legitimate investigation. 

Bill Lowrance

President PIAVA

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