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Ultimate Future II Surveillance Tech

Posted by Bill on January 13, 2008

 Professional investigators often have cases calling for sophisticated non-detectable surveillance.  The surveillance is conducted in a legal manner and is used as evidence in court.  I stumbled upon a robotic surveillance system that is brand and new recently announced by WowWee, a Hong Kong based company, WowWee Wikipedia, at a recent tech show.  The device will be in the market place in Summer or Fall 2008.

Called Rovio, this device has WiFi control, GPS type system, three omnidirectional wheels, video camera and audio transmission.  You can control Rovio with your computer, view video and listen to audio from Rovio.  Rovio will, for example, roam around your house to any location, and transmit video to your computer.  You can see, real time, whatever Rovio sees.  While this may not be surveillance equipment right now, it is indicative what the future holds for professional investigator surveillance tools.  Below are two videos for your viewing.  The first is a explanation and demonstration of Rovio by the CEO of WowWee.  The next video is another robot product WowWee produces–a remote controlled flying dragonfly.  The dragonfly is not a surveillance device.  But, I thought that if WowWee combines the Rovio capabilities with the dragonfly, surveillance in the private investigation or security industry, in the future, will be very interesting. 

I read a recent article that the US military has developed similar dragonfly surveillance technology that will have high resolution cameras and fly around via remote control allowing secret surveillance.  One problem the military faced was a power supply for the flying robot.  The robot needs enough power to maintain long flights.  The military is solving this by directing the device to “dock” or land on power lines.  The wings will drop and the device will look like some trash is on the powerline.  The device will recharge using the electrical fields transmitted by the powerline. 

Check this out.  Any thoughts?

CEO explains Rovio

See Dragonfly in action

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